Wines Eye View – Oil on Canvas -24 x 36
About Us  
Life is art, art is my life. Art!  Drawing the lines that join us.
Interactive art studio and gallery, Art instruction, Art therapy,  Fine Art and Fine art sales, Artist networking, and workshops, Performing arts, Create & Take, events, Paint & Sip events ,  Wine education,  Wine Tastings plus Organic gardening instruction and we have  CREATIVE EVENT SPACE. We Bring the arts together with a working studio for multiple artists #Art #Fun #community #artgallery #workingstudio #organics #wine

How We Got Started

Putting my  three passions together:  Art, Organic Products, & Wine and mixed them with my brush and started to put them on my canvas of life while carefully adding each component to the composition. The result comes to life with diverse colors, rich textures, and elements of joy and wonder to create this ever evolving masterpiece of complex beauty that has become a group effort. Because this work is not meant for just me alone to enjoy, so I brought it out of my basement and into the light to allow it to unfold into an amazing creative community driven by love passion & unity for all to enjoy and add their creative gifts to it.  That’s how Designs Vines And Wines got its name

Our Ideal Customers
Anyone who enjoys art, organic gardening, or wine. We offer create & sip events which are great for team building as well as just a great way to relax. Educational “how to” classes on art, gardening and wines. if you need original artwork for your home or office, the choices at Designs Vines and Wines are diverse and one of a kind and can be custom commissioned to fit your needs. We offer art classes for everyone, art therapy classes, “birthday” or other celebration paint parties. Wine tastings are available with an educational aspect. Learn the best food pairings to go with your wines and learn how to grow, use and make your own organic products for a healthier life with little or no space, time or weeding. And Anyone who wants to have fun and relax!   Thank you for your support of our small business.To contact us or pre-register for an event,
please email: